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We offer a comprehensive service for the selection and delivery of equipment and software, ranging from server components to consumables. With HIT Solutions, you will be fully confident in the performance and reliability of IT equipment and that it meets your business objectives.

Three principles of HIT Solutions in building IT infrastructure:

On the market of computer equipment, network and server equipment, hundreds of options for private use and business are presented.

A centralized supply of equipment is reliable, convenient and profitable. HIT Solutions specialists will select all the necessary equipment for your office or production enterprise, configure and integrate into the existing infrastructure.




We have developed package proposals based on the idea of unifying the corporate standard. We supply equipment only from reliable, trusted vendors, world market leaders.



Wholesale purchases of standardized office equipment can significantly reduce customer costs for the modernization / opening of the enterprise.



Thanks to long and established relationships with suppliers and logistics, equipment delivery never takes much time. You can be sure that the equipment will arrive on time.

HIT SolutĐľons specialists will select for you the best price and quality solutions, focusing on the specific goals and needs of the business. They will install computers, software licenses, server and network equipment, and then they will start and configure all equipment and systems.

We work with companies of various sizes and business industries around the world. A professional team with extensive experience, specialized knowledge in IT and modern approaches to service make cooperation with HIT Solutions pleasant and beneficial for each client. Bring your company’s IT infrastructure to the European level with HIT Solutions.

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