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The HIT Solutions team brought together the best engineers and specialists in the organization and maintenance of servers, data centers, network and communication solutions. Qualified and experienced experts will provide competent administration and maintenance of all technical and IT systems in your company.

We will establish technical processes in such a way that you do not have to waste your time delving into details. We introduce modern solutions for project management, hardware monitoring, protection against data leakage, and information security. Our approach will optimize your IT costs, increase the efficiency of employees, and help the company reach a new professional level.


  • Deadline Compliance
  • There is no reference to the location
  • Customer's cost reduction
  • Access to advanced technologies
  • Security of personal and corporate data
  • Unified corporate standards
  • Continuous system support and upgrade
  • Guaranteed quality and fault tolerance
  • Cooperation with experienced and reliable contractors

Industry solutions

Every business sphere has its own specifics, needs special modules, and software integration. The HIT Solutions portfolio includes industry-specific solutions for working with certain business processes and information.

Enterprise Portal on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint 

Effective solution for managing business information in the company. It contains file archives, a list of employees, contacts, a description of internal processes, a document repository. Your colleagues will have quick access to all the necessary data, will be able to effectively work with documents, and discuss all working issues in real-time. Access to information is possible both from the office and remotely – this is essential when working from home, traveling, and during business trips.

The universal control is suitable for companies of different sizes, including corporations with a large number of tasks, complex structure and business processes. The enterprise portal saves time of employees needed for searching for the necessary data, minimizes the risks of losing important information, and improves the efficiency of communication.

Automating transport enterprises on the basis of ERP, tracking systems, accounting software

The work of transport companies is based on the constant coordination of complex processes. Two criteria for effective logistic management – increasing the speed of operation performance and optimization of costs. It depends on the well-coordinated communication of personnel of different departments.

Automation of transport enterprises on the basis of ERP-systems, tracking systems, accounting software will ensure effective interaction within a single system. Your colleagues no longer need to switch between different programs – everything needed for effective work is available in a single system. This is a transparent, convenient, and understandable solution for each employee in real-time.

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Server solutions

Server infrastructure includes special equipment necessary for the collection, processing, and storage of a large amount of data. HIT Solutions specialists will create a reliable and efficient server infrastructure in personal, rented, or cloud data centers.

We introduce advanced solutions to increase server infrastructure fault tolerance. We use software and hardware products that will ensure the operability of the system in your enterprise even in the condition of potential failures and emergencies. We provide continuous server support, so you always have access to important corporate information. 

Backup and archiving

We understand that the loss of important data paralyzes the work of the whole office. HIT Solutions backup systems will protect your company from accidental or intentional deletion of important information. Thanks to backup and archiving, you quickly restore the necessary information and return to the usual workflow.


Take advantage of a well-organized data center without the need to install servers and other equipment directly in the company. Virtualization of IT-infrastructure from HIT Solutions will allow you to optimize the finances and time needed for the deployment and organization of the server network.

Storage and data processing systems

Reliable fault-tolerant data storage and processing systems allow you to store important corporate information in the server network without risks and huge financial investments. We implement solutions that involve not only current needs but also growth and development opportunities.

Hyper-converged systems

The software-integrated architecture provides tight integration of computing processes, data storage, virtualization of resources in equipment that is maintained by the same manufacturer. HIT Solutions hyper-converged modular systems are easily scaled to the required sizes and capacities, fault tolerance and quick installation are the main advantages.

Workplace virtualization

A great solution for large corporations. Employees of different branches of your enterprise will be able to work online in a single software environment with a standardized set of programs.


An irreplaceable element of structuring and storing corporate information. Modern database management systems from HIT Solutions will allow your employees to quickly make changes and use the necessary information.

Building high-availability clusters

Fail-over clusters are designed to automate the solving processes of a large number of complex tasks. They allow managing the shared applications available to employees of your enterprise. A fail-over cluster is an essential component for securing important corporate information.

Enterprise authentication systems

They allow authenticating users and authorizing their actions in corporate service systems where a high level of security is important. 

Enterprise email solutions

Reliable mail servers will ensure the smooth operation of your corporate mail. Instant messaging, protection of corporate information, and the smooth operation of mail will make communication between different departments and employees easier and convenient.

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Data processing center

Computing infrastructure

We competently organize server and network hardware and software systems for automating business processes in your organization. Modern technologies for storing, processing, and obtaining information will increase the efficiency of the company and separate departments. HIT Solutions has experience in building computer systems of various sizes using equipment from world-leading manufacturers.

Storage infrastructure

Hardware and software systems allow centralizing the IT infrastructure for more efficient management as well as to control increasing amounts of data on servers, provide the required application performance, effectively use hardware platforms and local storage guaranteeing fault tolerance and scalability.

Network infrastructure

Reliable and productive network infrastructure – part of a strategy for secure and efficient information management in a company. The local network, active and passive equipment, peripheral devices and computers will open access to corporate data and allow exchanging information, quick responding to tasks, and joining the corporate local network, regardless of the territorial distribution of workplaces. 

Engineering infrastructure

We will design and implement modern engineering systems in offices and premises of various business directions. We supply equipment from leading manufacturers, provide designing works, carry out the installation and commissioning works. Proper functioning of the entire engineering infrastructure will provide comfortable working conditions and security for the company’s employees. And you will reduce operating costs.

Building disaster-proof solutions

Man-made and natural disasters can lead to failure and prolonged downtime of IT systems. For business, this means loss of customers, a decrease in income, and reputational risks.  Geographically distributed disaster-proof systems from HIT Solutions guarantee the stable performance of highly important for business IT systems and minimize your risks.

Data encryption

We implement reliable and verified data encryption in enterprises of different sizes. Strong encryption will protect you from information leakage and reputational risks.

Load balancers

Every year, traffic volumes grow, and applications become more and more complicated. Load balancers are the foundation for organizing flexible networks that meet daily growing requirements, ensure traffic performance and security. The balancer distributes traffic on several servers and reduces the load on a separate server.

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Network and communications solutions

Local networks

We will design, organize, set up, and install local networks in companies of different sizes. Your employees will be able to use shared storage for information, work together with peripheral devices, and quickly and smoothly exchange information. A single information space will accelerate and simplify the processing of information flows within a single building.

Distributed enterprise network

Many companies consist of several geographically isolated parts – individual offices, buildings, and complexes with their local networks that differ in the functional filling. For effective operation, individual remote physical local networks need to be combined into a distributed enterprise network. Corporate network nodes can be located in different cities and even countries.

WiFi wireless networks

Properly planned and well-configured WiFi wireless networks will allow your colleagues to respond quickly to tasks and solve work issues, regardless of the location in the office.This is crucial for manufacturing and industrial organizations, retail outlets, hotels and hotel complexes, transport companies. Wireless WiFi networks will increase productivity and the mobility of your employees.

IP telephony

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol includes calls, conference calls, video calls as well as quick and easy setup and advanced functionality (call forwarding, full traffic control, answering machine, holding calls, caller identification, call recording). HIT Solutions specialists will design, quickly implement, and provide IP telephony support in your company and its branches.

Video conferencing systems

A set of equipment and software for remote audio and visual contact with the interlocutor. A modern reliable video conferencing communication system will allow you to meet with partners and negotiate with them, regardless of where they are located. This will increase work efficiency by saving time for top management and directors, speed up decision making and managerial flexibility, and reduce travel costs.

Collaborative technologies

Previously, communication between colleagues meant a personal meeting in the conference room. Today, employees are less tied to a physical place of work, having the opportunity to work from different locations. Help your colleagues interact more flexibly and quickly.

Collaborative technologies are a new way of communication and productive collaboration with the full effect of the presence. The system of communication solutions is closely integrated with the company’s business applications and is available anywhere in the corporate network.

Contact centers

Multichannel tool for complex problem solving: facilitate communication with customers, reduce the load on the telephone network, and ensure uninterrupted operation 24/7 (online chats, e-mail). Contact centers use different communication channels (calls, online chats, email, fax, social networks), incoming requests are processed, subsequent communication with the client is formed. Clear statistics and real-time monitoring will allow you to flexibly respond to situations and correctly evaluate the effectiveness of operators.

Network access control

A set of technologies for controlling devices connected to the network. It allows to identify users, device types, platforms, operating systems, places and methods of connection. 

HIT Solutions delivers, implements, and provides follow-up support for solutions to control user and device access to the corporate network infrastructure. When your employees, guests, counterparties, partners, and customers connect to the network, your corporate data and network are reliably protected from any threats.

Network management systems

Network management requires time and money: you need to carry out technical work without damage to users, quickly respond to emergencies, monitor and analyze work parameters. We will design and implement the best network management systems for its uninterrupted operation.

Data center network infrastructure

Data center is the foundation of IT infrastructure. HIT Solutions experts will properly plan and design the data center network infrastructure to ensure the performance, fault tolerance, scalability, and flexibility of computing power to meet the growing needs of your business.

Cloud based networking solutions

The benefit of a cloud-based network is centralized cloud management with a reliable and productive platform.Thanks to the cloud-based interface, such solutions will allow managing and controlling a distributed network in real-time, regardless of where the network administrator and equipment are located geographically.

HIT Solutions has experience in implementing cloud-based networking solutions in companies of various sizes. The key benefits you will receive: saving, reliability, security, mobility, advanced analytics.

Video monitoring

Part of the physical security system will provide you easy access to video files. The platform for deploying access can be an existing IP network in your organization. HIT Solutions video monitoring solutions are easy to scale, reliable, and require low maintenance. We will provide a simple and smooth transition from analog video surveillance channels to IP-technologies.

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Business performance

Document management on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint

This is a single centralized information-storage-and-retrieval system that provides quick access to the necessary data, reduction of deadlines for preparing documents, monitoring the implementation of set tasks, and minimizes the risks of information loss. Automate workflow processes in your company – and you will significantly reduce the cost of processing and searching documents.


Key features of the solution:

  • electronic archiving of documents;
  • control of employee access;
  • the document life cycle management;
  • document versioning;
  • business process optimization.

Microsoft SharePoint-based solution automates all typical document management processes – work with incoming and outgoing correspondence, orders,  instructions, assignments, protocols, contracts, agreements, regulatory documents, applications for accounts, and reports.

IT process automation  (according to ITIL / ITSM)

Modern business is impossible without the active use of IT systems. The quality and productivity of all other employees depends on the level and professionalism of the IT department. The business must consider IT capabilities, and IT professionals must understand the business needs.

The ITSM methodology and ITIL best practices will help establish productive communication between business and IT. We offer phased implementation of ITIL processes to manage all the services of your company’s IT department.  Due to this, it will be possible:

  • improve the quality of work and productivity of IT staff;
  • reduce IT costs;
  • minimize downtime risks of information technology services;
  • transparently control and adjust the work of the IT department.

Optimization and automating include the management of incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, configurations and service assets, a service catalog, and service requests.

Implementation and maintenance of ERP-systems

ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning) – is a system for planning business resources. HIT Solutions specialists will combine all the resources of your organization across different departments into a single computer management system. System access will be provided to all branches and departments, which will facilitate the work and data exchange. ERP-systems performs the following tasks:

  • integration of tasks and databases from all departments;
  • creation of a unified information environment;
  • solution of any current business problems.

This is an excellent solution for organizations of any scale, regardless of the presence of branches and their territorial remoteness. ERP-system will accelerate the flow of documents between departments and will allow managing tasks of remote departments and employees.  

Set up business analysis and reporting system

For business development, the head of the company needs to constantly receive and analyze current operational data. HIT Solutions offers an effective solution – setting up an integrated system of business analysis and reporting.

With a system adapted to your business needs, operational and strategic management will be much more efficient. We create business analysis systems of various difficulty levels for specialists in different departments – from personal analytics at the one subordinate or unit level to reporting at the corporate level.

Modern solutions from HIT Solutions allow to:

  • work effectively with large volumes of information;
  • make management decisions quickly thanks to a clear and flexible data feed;
  • combine analytical information from disparate systems;
  • quickly respond to changes and track cause and effect relationships.

ServiceDesk user support

ServiceDesk user support service will allow avoiding huge financial investments in software and equipment purchase. The solution will reduce the downtime of IT systems, and the resources of the IT department can be directed onto strategic issues, rather than consulting with users over the phone. User support service will ensure resolving all incidents under the terms of the service agreement. ServiceDesk user support service allows to:

  • receive and register customer requests;
  • resolve incidents using a remote administrator;
  • provide technical consultation over the phone and by email;
  • carry out scheduled maintenance of IT systems;
  • monitor the performance of server hardware and other workstations of the organization;
  • receive and analyze reports and statistical information.
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