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HIT Solutions offers a full range of engineering services and development of modern IT solutions for optimizing business processes in your enterprise: audit, licensing, cloud solutions and virtualization systems, various systems integration (ERM CRM, tracking), IP-telephony.

HIT Solutions will build and implement the basic infrastructure at your enterprise or complement and modernize the existing one. You can choose a range of engineering and development services as well as to begin solving point issues across your company’s IT infrastructure. There are no impossible objectives for the HIT Solutions team of specialists, but there are exciting challenges and innovative approaches to accomplish the most ambitious goals.

Hybrid Data Centers

Hybrid data centers will open up new digital opportunities for your business. You will get cost-effective methods of scalability, modernization, and adaptability. As a result, the speed of work and adaptability will increase, and costs will be reduced. 

Hybrid data centers combine the benefits of a private and public cloud. You will be able to effectively allocate the company’s resources, leaving some in your own data center and transferring some resources in the public cloud. On the one hand, it will reduce communication costs, and on the other, it will increase the level of security.

Hybrid cloud benefits:

  • easy scalability;
  • efficient allocation of resources;
  • improvement of the reliability of IT infrastructure;
  • flexible response to new business requests.
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We offer the best licensing options that ensure the legality of using software for performing current business tasks. Corporate licensing programs allow taking into account the size of the organization and other features of your business.

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Audit – is an analysis of IT structures and processes aimed at finding ways to solve problems that interfere with their work. Analysis of IT systems allows identifying the unused potential of hardware and software.

HIT Solutіons specialists will develop software with which you can get detailed information about the condition of IT systems, draw up a plan for further infrastructure optimization, and also review the costs needed for the IT-department.

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Supply of server and network equipment, computers and software licenses

On the market of computer, network, and server equipment, hundreds of options for private and business use are presented.

HIT Solutіons specialists will select for you affordable solutions of optimum quality, focusing on the specific goals and needs of the business. They will install computers, software licenses, server and network equipment, and then, they will launch, adjust, and configure all equipment and systems.

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Outsourcing IT infrastructure

The service is relevant for companies that do not want to create their own IT department. This is the optimal solution for both large corporations and small companies that want to optimize financial resources.

HIT Solutіons specialists will take care of the creation and maintenance of IT infrastructure – we will offer turnkey solutions from the best suppliers or develop new software and hardware, as well as algorithms for business processes.

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Building, maintenance, and development of server infrastructure

HIT Solutіons specialists will provide professional services for building a server structure and setting it up taking into account all business features. They will adjust all the components of the system – datacenter, the application server, backup systems, server archives for data storage. HIT Solutіons professionals integrate new hardware and software into existing systems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The structure building process includes such steps: 

  • design;
  • supply of equipment;
  • preparation of engineering structures of the data center;
  • installation and launching of equipment;
  • settings in accordance with the requirements of the project;
  • software installation and configuration;
  • testing;
  • migration of services and information to new equipment;
  • training employees of the client company;
  • creation of operational documentation.
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Building, maintenance, and development of network infrastructure

Outdated information networks do not allow launching new IT-services and “slow down” business development. HIT Solutіons specialists will build a safe, productive, and reliable telecommunications network for you. This will increase the security of IT infrastructure, protect investments, optimize expenses, and reduce system management costs. The services of building, maintenance, and development of the network structure include:

  • development of a requirements system for networking structure;
  • creating a list of technical standards taking into account business requirements;
  • development of technology strategy;
  • audit of network infrastructure, inventory, search for bottlenecks;
  • compiling a list of recommendations for the development of a client’s information network;
  • design of network solutions (High-Level Design, Low-Level Design).
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If you do not want to invest in creating your own server network, order a remote virtual system in HIT Solutions. Specialists will develop a server structure for the client that will provide the same quality work like the stationary one. Thus, you do not have to place the equipment in your office. This is a perfect solution for small companies that cannot afford the services of an IT department.

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Cloud solutions

Cloud systems are a modern solution for business. Order a cloud structure at HIT Solutions and take advantage of its benefits:

  • saving on equipment, operation, and licenses;
  • high speed of information transfer between internal and external networks;
  • flexible management of information storage systems and virtual algorithms;
  • fault-tolerance of the system at the level of architecture;
  • Managed cloud or installation only;
  • hardware disk encryption;
  • solutions selected by clients instead of patterns.
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IP systems / video conferencing / communicationIP systems / video conferencing / communication

Information systems from HIT Solutions will allow optimizing your communication infrastructure. Wired and wireless IP systems are the most important components of communication today. IP cameras transmit information to video servers, and after this information is recorded on the hard drive. This allows creating a large number of observation points and even create them from several hundred cameras.  

The second important IT infrastructure system is corporate telephony. Specialists will design the structure, form it, install the equipment, and program the digital telephone exchanges.

Video conferencing is an important component of a communication system that can replace about 80% of personal meetings. Previously, employees had to spend a lot of money on business trips, but today you can organize a conference with clients and partners in real-time. You will negotiate with partners from anywhere in the world, you can demonstrate to your interlocutors the screen of your computer, connect any number of colleagues in just a few seconds.

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Software for automation of accounting, business analysis, and reporting

Business systems for automation of accounting, reporting and analysis – this is advanced software that will significantly accelerate the work of the enterprise. Such programs use information from various sources and analyze it. As a result, employees of the customer’s company will receive a transparent and complete “picture” of the company’s affairs. Systems can be connected to existing databases, for example, 1C. They provide several important benefits:

  • fast development of reports of varying complexity, type, structure, and layout;
  • the ability to set a schedule for reporting without the participation of employees and information exchange;
  • transparent data processing system;
  • the clear connection between data from different sources;
  • the ability to store data in any format: HTML, Excel, PDF, etc.
  • intuitive and flexible settings of employee access to the system.
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