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HIT Solutions offers a full cycle of information, product, and service solutions for companies of various sizes. We specialize in designing, building, and maintaining corporate information and engineering systems.

We help customers from Europe and the CIS countries to organize a modern IT infrastructure in their offices and increase work efficiency, providing post-project and end-user support.

Data centers, enterprise software products, server, network and communication solutions, business process automation, IT infrastructure and security system – we focus on the individual business request of the client and offer the best solution to the set objectives.

HIT Solutions specialists design systems that are easy to expand, scale, and adapt, allowing you to quickly and efficiently solve new business issues.

Work Principles

Work Principles

We follow to principle of ITIL basis:

Qualified specialists

Competent systems management

The activity of technical processes

Suppliers and manufacturers that provide warranties and service support

The way we work:

  • We study your business needs and conduct an IT audit of the company
  • We plan and design the services package
  • We select and implement advanced solutions to solve your problems
  • We provide full service and support


Our mission – help you to manage your business efficiently with specialized and innovative software solutions.

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